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Alesya Skorobogataya was born on 03.02.1988 in Minsk (Belarus)


2007 - graduated from the Minsk State Gymnasium-College of Arts

2013 - graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts

2014 - fellow of the Polish National Commission for UNESCO

2014-2015 - internship at the Polish Academy of Fine Arts

2017 - Winner of the National Prize of Belarus in the field of visual arts.

2016 - internship at the Austrian Academy of Arts in the field of restoration and conservation of works of art, Vienna, Austria.

In 2014, Alesya accepted a teaching position at a Belarusian Academy of Arts.


Since 2006, she has participated in more than 40 exhibitions:

2006 - personal exhibition in Minsk, Belarus.

2010 - participant of the exhibition of paintings by Belarusian realist painters "Inflorescences of Our Land", Moscow, "New Manege".

2011 - participant of the republican exhibition "Land under white wings", National Art Museum of Belarus.

2013 - participant of the exhibition “Game in the classics”, National Art Museum of Belarus.

2013 - an exhibition of one picture “Honey”, the National Art Museum of Belarus.

2014 - exhibition in Vietnam, Dalat.

2015 - participant of the exhibition project "Messages", Vilnius, Lithuania.

2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 - participant and winner of the art project "Autumn Salon", Minsk, Belarus.

2016 - personal exhibition "Mystery", gallery "DK", Minsk, Belarus.

2017 - exhibition "Ode to Joy", Gumpoldskirchen, Austria.

2017 - the exhibition "Salon d'Automne 2017" in Paris.

2018 - exhibition "Today and Tomorrow" in the gallery ARKA, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2018 - the exhibition "ART CAPITAL" in the Grand Palace in Paris.

2018 - personal exhibition in the gallery “Kalyarovy Shlyakh”, Orsha, Belarus.

and many others.


The works are kept in National Art Museum of Belarus, the Museum of Contemporary Art (Minsk, Belarus), the Palace of Independence of Belarus, the Embassy of Belarus in Azerbaijan and in private collections of Belarus, France, Austria, China, Norway, Germany, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, USA, Ukraine, Vietnam, Russia, Poland.

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